Hormone health after “the pill”

Have you stopped taking the birth control pill (a.k.a. “the pill”) or other hormonal contraceptive, but are experiencing signs of hormone imbalance like irregular or absent periods, difficult periods, acne, mood swings, infertility, low libido, weight gain or low energy? Or maybe you’re still on the birth control pill and want to come off it, but are nervous about what that might look like. Are you concerned about your hormone levels and want to find balance and better health, including reproductive health, moving forward? Do you want to learn to appreciate your body and work WITH it, not against it, to achieve vital health? Do you want to look and feel better so you can gain confidence?

Well you’ve come to the right place! Dr. Bridget Casey, ND has been through this scenario both herself and with her patients, and knows the toll imbalanced hormones can take on one’s mood, confidence, energy, relationships and overall quality of life. That is why she created Balanced After Birth Control. Balanced After Birth Control helps committed women achieve balanced hormones and better health after coming off hormonal contraception. If you are ready to leave behind the embarrassment, confusion, fear and frustration that goes with hormone imbalance, then watch this free training on The 5 Key Steps to Balancing Hormones After Hormonal Contraceptives and get started on the path to a better and balanced you!


From Dr. Bridget Casey, ND…

With so many women now using the pill or other hormonal contraceptives, and finding themselves with serious hormone imbalances and health issues after coming off of them, I decided to create a tailored program that guides women to balanced hormones and better health. I want to save these women from the years of issues that I personally endured due to imbalanced hormones after coming off of the pill. Through my experience as both a naturopathic doctor, and a patient myself, I have discovered the necessary steps to take in balancing one’s hormones and creating a healthy internal and external environment “post-pill.”

I take motivated women who are committed to their health, from a place of suffering to a place of happiness and self-confidence. I aim to not only help women balance their hormones and improve their health, but also help them gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for their bodies. If you are ready to make the necessary changes and think you might be a good fit for for Balanced After Birth Control, I encourage you to watch this free training and join our supportive and informative Facebook group today.

In health,

Dr. Bridget Casey, ND